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Looking To Become A Member?

Membership in Network Together family includes meeting at multiple chapters, sharing of ideas and contacts, participating in activities, and most importantly the exchange business referrals. As we get to know each other our relationships grow and our collective reach grows… far beyond the circle of influence any one person can achieve on his or her own.

So what is Network Together? 
It is the Connections! Network Together is where Meetings, Expos, Seminars, Social Media and Mobile Marketing tools promote the fostering of relationships through a networking forum. This relationship creates the community, both personal and virtual whereby commerce follows.

Facilitator Meeting Format

Opening Comments and Welcome

  • Facilitator Talking Points  and/or Chairpersons Reports
    Network Together Business (including Announcements)
  • 30 Second Commercials (if opted, 1 unique thing too)


  • Testimonials and Awesome one-on-ones
  • Welcoming new and renewing members
  • Workshops, Trainings, Showcase, Seminars and / or Speaker time
  • Closing Comments
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Mantra Of Membership

To Create, Organize, Unite and Perpetuate a networking organization of Member Chapters and Districts intended to join small business owners who willingly promote others for the purpose of Community, Relationships and whereby they are rewarded with Commerce.